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Welcome to Energigården

Here you can find information and facts about small–scale energy techniques for agriculture, i.e. energy from the farms.

Agriculture has got great potential to contribute to Sweden’s energy production and Energigården will help and support this development. Energigården is a meeting place where all interested can assemble for joint work and see the possibilities for producing energy from agriculture. Energigården has its base in Västra Götaland but is not limited to this region and is also able to operate in a bigger geographical region.

About Energigården

Development of energy production from agriculture in Western Sweden?
Agriculture can play a very important role in the necessary change of the Swedish energy system. Agriculture can contribute to the energy production through wind power, solar power, solar electricity, cultivation of energy products like grain, Bebb Willow, reed canary grass and cannabis sativa and by-products that are produced like straw and fertilizer.

The programme’s purpose and aim

The purpose of the programme Energigården is to be a focal point and driving force in the development of renewable energy production from the west Swedish agriculture from a local producer and customer perspective.

The aim of the programme Energigården is that Västra Götaland by 2020 shall account for 25% of the 20TWh energy potential that is given in LRFs energy scenario for 2020.


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